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Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)

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Fashion Design program is prepared to meet the necessity of the students who want to enter the challenging &exciting world of Fashion. The course contents emphasize research, creative thinking, strong technical skills and recent fashion trends all over the fashion world. The aim   of the Fashion design department is to give the best education & technical support to the students to lunch their career in the international fashion arena.

We have necessary computer lab, CAD lab, pattern lab, sewing lab, knitting lab and a very rich library. Fashion shows are arranged by the students to develop their skills and creativity.

Successful graduates will get a position for Fashion Designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Product developer, Fashion Consultant, Fashion critics and more in home and abroad.


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  • Lecture 1.1: 30 min


  • Lecture 1.2: 25 min

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  • Lecture 1.3: 10 min

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  • Lecture 1.4: 30 min

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  • Lecture 1.5: 35 min

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  • Lecture 1.6: 20 min

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  • Lecture 1.7: 30 min

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  • Lecture 1.8: 25 min

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  • Lecture 1.9: 06 questions

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