Md. Sohag Hosen

Lecturer, Electrical and Electronics Department


Lecturer Electrical and Electronics Department

Institute of Science Trade & Technology (ISTT)

Permanent Campus: Plot: 1/9, Block: D, Road: 2, Section: 15, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

Mobile Number: +8801775023177

Email address:  [email protected]


Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE)

Mymensingh Engineering College

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Expertise & Researches

Research (Undergraduate Thesis) & Publications:
Thesis: “Exploration of FACT Devices for the Enhancement of Transient Stability & Power flow Control in Power System”
Supervised by “S.M. AnowarulHaque, Head of the Dept. of EEE,
MymensinghEngineering College, Mymensingh.

“Electrical power generation through speed-breaker“Low cost wind energy” NCNST.

Research and project:

  • Designing, preparing and developing teaching materials;
  • Assessing students' coursework;
  • Setting and marking examinations;
  • Supporting students through a pastoral or advisory role;
  • Undertaking personal research projects and actively contributing to the institution's

Research profile:

  • Supervising students' research/ Thesis/ Project activities;
  • Completing continuous professional development (CPD) and participating in staff

Training activities:

  • Carrying out administrative tasks related to the department, such as student
  • admissions, induction programs and involvement in committees and boards;
  • Representing the institution at professional conferences and seminars, and

Contributing to these as necessary:

  • Establishing collaborative links outside the university with industrial, commercial

and public organizations.