Q.1: What is ISTT?

Answer: The abbreviation of ISTT stands for Institute of Science, Trade & Technology and by the definition for its kind it may be said that it is a University level Professional or Technical Institute with its main objective to educate the country’s SSC, HSC and Graduation passed young generation with brilliant result from different background. ISTT, the University level Technical, Professional Institute, has been established with a vision to be the best among the most preferred and to produce required Technical/Professional skilled manpower for ever growing requirement in our country in particular and for international as a whole.

Q.2: Is this Institute Govt. Approved?

Answer: Yes, ISTT  is a govt. approved University Level Institute. It is approved in 1998 by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) and National University (NU), Bangladesh.

Q.3: What is the college/Institute Code of ISTT?

Answer: ISTT bears Code No. 50051 from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) and Code No. 6471 from National University (NU).

Q.4: When was established this Institute?

Answer: ISTT was established on 25 December in 1998.

Q.5: How many Faculty members are there in ISTT?

Answer: There are Two Hundred and Eight (208) Faculty members in ISTT. All of them are very highly qualified and well skilled in their respective areas.

Q.6: How many students are there in ISTT?

Answer: At present there are about four thousand and five hundred (4500) students in ISTT

Q.7: What is the level/standard of ISTT?

Answer: ISTT has archived No. 01 position all over  Bangladesh on the statistics of STEP Project, World Bank and The Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.  As a result ISTT has achieved seven Crore Taka (Tk. 70000000) from World Bank.

Q.8: How many Courses are there in ISTT?

Answer: There are many courses in ISTT. ISTT offers Hon’s and Master Degree under National University (NU) and ISTT also offers different Trades on Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Fisheries, HSC (BM). Diploma in Marine Engineering, Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering and Diploma in Textile Engineering under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

Q.9: How many courses are there in Graduation level?

Answer: ISTT offers six courses in graduation level. They are (1) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), (2) B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), (3) B.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), 4. B.Sc. in Knitwear Manufacture and Technology (KMT), (5) B.Sc. in Fashion Design and Technology (FDT), (6) B.Sc. in Apparel Manufacture and Technology (AMT)

Q.10: How many courses are there in post Graduation/Masters level?

Answer: There are three courses in Masters level. They are (1) Master of Business Administration (MBA), (2) Masters of Bank Management (MBM) and (3) Masters of Business Administration (MBA )in Apparel Merchandising.

Q.11: What is the requirement of a student to get Admission in Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Agriculture or HSC (BM)?

Answer: Of course SSC passed students will be eligible for admission in this level.

Q.12: What is the requirement of a student to get Admission in Graduation level?

Answer: At present there are about four thousand and five hundred (4500) students in ISTT

Q.13: What is the requirement of a student to get admission in post Graduation/Masters level?

Answer: The students who will achieve 7.5 up to Hon’s/Graduation level will be applicable for Admission.

Q.14: Does the Institute possess any library facility?

Answer: This Institute has two library in Main Campus and permanent campus with huge collection of Trades and related books. The library is in compliance with the requirement of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)  and National University (NU), Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Q.15: Does ISTT have any hostel facility for the students?

Answer: ISTT offers three hostel facilities for the students. Two hostels are being offered for the male students & one hostel is being offered for the female students.

Q.16: Do the students of ISTT get Lab Facilities? What are they?

Answer: The following laboratory and workshops facilities are available:



Electrical and Instrument,




Computer Labs,

Textile and Garments Design,

Civil and Architecture,


Tools Store,

Textile and Fashion Shop,

Engine Shop,

Lathe Machine Shop

Q.17: What's the procedure of Admission in ISTT?

Answer: An applicant has to take an admission form on the payment of Tk. 300 (Three Hundred) and appear the admission or Psychology Test. After achieving 50% Marks on the Test, he/she can qualify for taking admission officially.  All the admission procedure will be followed by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) and National University (NU), Bangladesh.

To process an application for admission, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  Complete Primary Information Form (PIF)/Application Form.

 Transcript’s photocopy of all academic degree.

 Original Transcripts of all academic degree.

 Four recent color passport sized and two stamp sized photographs.

 National ID Card or Birth Certificate of the applicants.

 Photocopy of guardian’s National ID Card.

 Original Testimonial from institute last attended.

 Students should be qualified in the ISTT assessment test or the intake admission test

N.B: You are also capable to fill up on line admission form. Please find out the  “Admission” button  of this website and click it to follow all the instructions for Admission.