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Apparel Manufacturing Technology (AMT)

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Apparel Manufacture & Technology (AMT) is one of resourceful and prestigious course in ISTT. With the skilled & qualified teachers we are the best education provider related to the field. This course is designed to give the students vast knowledge about Merchandising, Managerial area in apparel manufacturing. Successful graduates will get a position for Merchandiser, Industrial Engineer, Factory Manager, Production Manager, Quality assurance Manager, Compliance Manager, Supply Chain Manager in home and abroad.

To make student we have necessary computer lab, pattern lab, sewing lab, CAD lab, knitting lab and a very rich library. Besides this, ISTT arranges a regular basis Factory visits for students to give them more practical knowledge.


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  • Lecture 1.1: 30 min


  • Lecture 1.2: 25 min

    Consectetur Adipisicing Elitsed

  • Lecture 1.3: 10 min

    Eiusmod Tempor Incididunt ut Labore Dolore

  • Lecture 1.4: 30 min

    Magna Aliqua Enim ad Minim Veniam Quis Nostrud

  • Lecture 1.5: 35 min

    Exercitation Ullamco Laboris Nisi ut Aliquip Commodo

  • Lecture 1.6: 20 min

    Consequat Duis Aute Irure Dolor Reprehenderit

  • Lecture 1.7: 30 min

    Velit Esse Cillum Dolore eu Fugiat

  • Lecture 1.8: 25 min

    Nulla Pariatur Excepteur

  • Lecture 1.9: 06 questions

    Occaecat Cupidatat Proident