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Aeronautical Engineering

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Industrial visit at Bangladesh flying academy Department of Aeronautics was started running in Institute of Science Trade & Technology (ISTT) June 2013 and since then we are into providing world class Aviation Education successfully. Department of Aeronautics provides platform and environment for open discussions and interactions between the faculty and students and is designed to ignite and serve the urge to explore and learn beyond boundaries. Diversity and flexibility of options of courses to choose from is aimed at enabling students to pursue studies most suited to their intellect and talent. This would enable the students to discover, nurture and expand their individual talents, skills and interests so that they emerge as leaders and path breakers wherever they go.

Message from the Director

Happy class party with honorable Chairman sir

The Vision To make every man a Success and no man a failure The Mission

Understanding flight instruments of HS–748 Aircraft

Placements To meet the challenges of the ever-changing world, the one an only resource that we can safely and constantly turn back to is human resource. Just as man turns inward to find strength and vigour to battle the vagaries of life, the nation has to turn and look to manpower for development. In an endeavour to empower the human resource with the necessary education, the Chairman of the institute prepares the young citizens of today to meet the future confidently. With dedicated and high-calibre professional expertise, the institution imparts the best of theory and practical knowledge and sends forth professionals of every discipline into the global society. It is my privilege to welcome the fresh batch of students and I can assure, that they are in an institution which would help them to be at the forefront of technological revolutions. They can be confident of their competence and their quality standards, also of their integrity and their ability to deliver.

To provide every individual with a conducive environment suitable to achieve his/her career goals with a strong emphasis on personality development and to offer the academically inclined resources to gain quality education in all spheres of engineering, applied sciences and management, without compromising on the quality and code of ethics of each student of the institution. To achieve this mission the institution offers a well planned course structure, aesthetically built building, well furnished class rooms, library, workshops and sport facility, an ideal environment for pursuit of a professional career. The mission is being accomplished in the sense that in most courses a good percentage of result is maintained.

Department of Aeronautics ISTT is a preferred destination for students who are looking for an outstanding career and growth. Department of Aeronautics ISTT with its world class infrastructure, faculty, teaching practices, curriculum, practical work, exposure and experience with relevant industries, international network, connectivity with the world, prepares students to accept global challenges. The environment of Laboratories and workshops for Aviation students, project work on different subjects, grooms our students to shine in all spheres of life. A perfect result oriented learning environment is the key feature of the Department of Aeronautics ISTT.

At Department of Aeronautics ISTT we have built exceptional industrially integrated programs where there is an extreme connectivity between our curriculums as per BTEB designed and applicability of the taught content in the real life scenarios or industrial perspectives. Our prime motive is to enable our students for a successful career in the field of their expertise, so the activities for the placements of our students happen all year around. Our placement office regularly interacts and coordinates with the aviation industries in Bangladesh and international placement training workshops for our students throughout the academic session. The companies also visit the campus for Pre-Placement talks both before the selection processes and the final recruitment. Based on the information about the requirements of the companies, our placement office regularly communicates with the students through various notices for vacancies circulated in aviation industries local and abroad 'Subsequently the CVs are forwarded to the companies for further processing. The companies then shortlist candidates that fit their job profiles from the application pool and sends the same to the Placement Office. `A mutually convenient date is finalized for the selection processes. The companies are required to furnish the final list of students preferably on the same day, or as soon as possible, after completion of the selection process. `The offer letters are sent to the Placement Office to be handed over to the students. `Offer acceptances (from the students) are then forwarded to the respective companies by the placement officer.

Working with commercial Airlines

Singapore delegation team visit the campus for Pre-Placement talks

Experienced flying of a test flight

What is Aeronautical Engineering? Basically aeronautical involves activities of designing, developing and constructing & maintenance of machine planes that can fly, as commonly known by the word – aircraft. The aeronautical engineers are primarily responsible for creation of safer and more energy efficient economical methods for travelling, including aircraft, helicopters, satellites, missiles and spacecrafts. These includes science of propulsion and aerodynamics, also it covers the


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  • Lecture 1.1: 30 min


  • Lecture 1.2: 25 min

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  • Lecture 1.3: 10 min

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  • Lecture 1.8: 25 min

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  • Lecture 1.9: 06 questions

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