B.Sc in Textile (AMT,KMT,FDT)


B. Sc. (Hons.) in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology (AMT)

Under National University

 About AMT

Apparel Manufacture & Technology (AMT) is one of resourceful and prestigious course in ISTT. With the skilled & qualified teachers we are the best education provider related to the field. This course is designed to give the students vast knowledge about Merchandising, Managerial area in apparel manufacturing. Successful graduates will get a position for Merchandiser, Industrial Engineer, Factory Manager, Production Manager, Quality assurance Manager, Compliance Manager, Supply Chain Manager in home and abroad.

To make student we have necessary computer lab, pattern lab, sewing lab, CAD lab, knitting lab and a very rich library. Besides this, ISTT arranges a regular basis Factory visits for students to give them more practical knowledge.



B. Sc.(Hons.) in Fashion Designing & Technology (FDT)

Under National University

About FDT

Fashion Design program is prepared to meet the necessity of the students who want to enter the challenging &exciting world of Fashion. The course contents emphasize research, creative thinking, strong technical skills and recent fashion trends all over the fashion world. The aim   of the Fashion design department is to give the best education & technical support to the students to lunch their career in the international fashion arena.

We have necessary computer lab, CAD lab, pattern lab, sewing lab, knitting lab and a very rich library. Fashion shows are arranged by the students to develop their skills and creativity.

Successful graduates will get a position for Fashion Designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Product developer, Fashion Consultant, Fashion critics and more in home and abroad.



 B. Sc.(Hons.)in Knitwear Manufacturing & Technology (KMT)

Under National University

About KMT

This course is designed after the developing condition of knitwear industry of Bangladesh and abroad. This program aims to develop students understanding and practical experience in the field of Knitwear design, production process, styles, and calculation of the requirements if raw materials and engineering of every kind of knitted garments according to performance required.

A KMT student will be able to work home and abroad with his graduation as a Merchandiser, Product Developer, Industrial Engineer (IE), Quality Assurance Manager in various Buying house and Manufacturing farms or work as an independent consultant.

Computer lab, pattern lab, sewing lab, knitting lab and a very rich library helps students to continue their study in more way.  

Faculty Member of DTFM
Photo Name & Designation Contact/ Email Research Area
fff   Md. Zobayer Alam
  Assistant Prof. &
  Head of the Dept.



 Apparel Manufacturing System,
 Industrial Engineering (Garment),
 CAD System in Apparel
 Industry, Sewing Machine types &
 Stitches, Garments Accessories

 Saiful  Md. Saiful Islam
 Sr. Lecturer &
  saiful_dtfm@istt.edu.bd  Consumption & Costing in
 Knit Merchandising, Knitting
 Technology, Knit Fabric Analysis,
 Knit Machine Attachment

 Md. A.B.M. Abdus  Salam
 Sr. Lecturer &
 Course Co-ordinator
 of ELC


 Communicative English,
 Practical English
 Grammar & Composition,

 Thesis: Romanticism

 Female Symbol

 Sancita Debnath

 sancita_dtfm@istt.edu.bd  Industrial Pattern Development,
 Fashion trend & design Analysis,
 Fashion & Retailing
 Babul Sarker

 Babul Sarker


 babul_dtfm@istt.edu.bd  Global Supply Chain Management
 in Apparel Industry, Sustainable
 Approach in Apparel & Textile (Dying,
 Printing &  Finishing) Industry,
 Protective Clothing,  Sourcing &  
 Merchandising  Activities
 Female Symbol

 Ms. Kabita Sultana

 kabita_dtfm@istt.edu.bd Communicative & Practical English,
Grammar & Composition
 Jahangir Sir

 Md. Jahangir  Alam

 jahangir_dtfm@istt.edu.bd  Account Information System
 Sapan_Patwary  Md. Sapan Patwary
 Examination Officer
 Nahid Hossain   Md. Nahid Hosen
 Sweing Lab Assistant

Recent Activities of DTFM

Recent Activities :Department of Textile& Fashion Management (DTFM)
Industrial training

Students of DTFM get out of industrial training at Shishir Knitting & Dying Ltd.(Tongi, Gazipur)



Before departing for Industrial Training, all students (FDT,AMT,KMT) are in one frame of 2013-2014 session.